Salesforce consulting services

Security, Large Scale Performance and High Availability

We can help solve your business needs with the platform in different ways: orientation in the use of the platform, making integrations with other systems of your business, enable your solution in the application Mobile Salesforce, perform migration to Lightning or even address new developments on Salesforce. With the deployment of applications in Salesforce, quality attributes are acquired in a more natural way than in a traditional scheme as it is highly expensive to develop and maintain: Security, Large Scale Performance and High Availability.

    Customers Success Cases

    Salesforce consulting services developed by Heinsohn

    Sales / Service Cloud

    Keep track of your customers’ and salespeople’s information on the cloud, sell smarter, faster, and the way you want in real-time.

    Monitor customer’s needs and give them support by responding in whatever channel the customer feels comfortable using phone, email, SMS, and even Twitter or Facebook.


    Lightning Ready Applications

    Gives every company the tools they need to build next-generation user interfaces.

    We build from scratch and integrate user interfaces of existing Salesforce apps. All new developments of both products and conventional developments are lighting ready.


    Product Development

    According to your market needs, we develop your idea into an innovative product with lean methodologies and placed it in the Appexchange, or use it in IoT, Analytics, and Artificial Intelligence.

    Salesforce for Non-profit

    We drive orientation and adoption using a project as a transformative way to understand a nonprofit’s needs and priorities, and collaboratively shape those into real solutions.

    It’s built around people in order to have a 360° degree view of the whole non-profit organization’s processes and sectors. Some of those that can be tracked on Salesforce are funding development, volunteering, donors, press, project management, constituents, and anyone that is connected to the organization.


    Salesforce Platform Development

    Building an app is different in Salesforce, faster, trustier, and more secure.

    We build highly scalable web apps and back-end services by creating and integrating all their enterprise data, networks, and identity information.

    Salesforce is the shortest path from idea to an app.

    We add any customizations you may want to fit your unique business needs. New features, functionality, and user interfaces help your business achieve exactly what it wants and it’s entirely cloud-based, so we will only have to write it once to run it everywhere.


    Third-party Integration

    Customizable and scalable Salesforce services can integrate directly into existing enterprise solutions and with all of your departments as service or marketing.
    We have  experience in integration in 3  different ways:
    -Native Salesforce connector integration
    -Through files
    -Systems as Data Bases, ERP, On-Premise, Business CORE systems, DWH, or other analytics solutions.

    The integration is recognized for its security, encryption, agility, and high performance.



    Building apps, reports, and dashboards is easy because your data is integrated right into Salesforce.

    Built fast, changes are easy. Our component-based architecture makes it easy to build an app with drag and drop tools.

    It is automatically deployed in mobiles, desktops, and tablets because it’s connected with your data.

    Apps developed on Salesforce come with inherent quality attributes that otherwise would be highly expensive to develop and maintain.

    Security, high performance, and scalability are readily available.

    Reduced costs: no need of acquiring or maintaining infrastructure.

    Less time: the development is 55% faster.

    No need for a DBA.

    High security, performance and availability of the solution.

    Reduced error rate: decreases the reprocessing costs for testing and fixes.
    Applicable to all industries.