Integration of Salesforce CRM with internal applications enables Tibco’s hybrid IT scenario.


TIBCO Software Inc is a global technology company based in the Silicon Valley recognized for their integration, analytics and technology solutions all over the world. The Company was facing the challenge to migrate their CRM to Salesforce and to integrate the information generated from the cloud with their internal systems, providing a reliable and stable solution.


Heinsohn analyzed the requirements and worked with the IT department of Tibco to design and implement the integration strategy between Salesforce and their internal applications. The solution was powered using TIBCO products, with TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks used as the integration bus to connect and provide the information to all internal systems, and TIBCO Hawk used to check the status of the transactions and services and proactively make decisions if a transaction or service was not responding with the rules defined by the organization.


The ability to connect a powerful cloud solution like Salesforce with the customers’ internal applications allowed TIBCO to benefit from both worlds: having a leading-edge CRM that can provide an integrated view of their customers, and keeping their systems in sync to make decisions with the most current data, something that many customers want from hybrid scenarios, and that could be easily achieved with a strong integration solution like TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks.


  • Tibco Active Matrix Business Works
  • Tibco Hawk
  • Salesforce CRM

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