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Recruitment system developed in 5 weeks


In 2016 the Colombian government signed a peace agreement with the main guerrilla group that brought an end to a long-lasting conflict in the country. In order to guarantee that all the parts followed the right protocols, the peace process that followed had the participation of several multilateral international organizations.

One of the first actions in the process was the creation of the entity in charge of regulating the whole process, including the transparent recruitment of its staff. The type of employees to be recruited had uncommon profiles, including judges, social psychologists, historians, and lawyers, among others; and they had very limited time to do it.


In order to ensure a process as transparent as possible, Heinsohn designed, developed and implemented an open platform that included recruitment, selection, scheduling of interviews, citizen observations, reports and metrics.
The development of this platform took only 5 weeks and was able to accomplish its mission of recruiting all employees


Development of recruitment platform in only 5 weeks
100% Selected positions where filled within the time set.
The whole country was able to track the recruitment process, so it was very transparent.

Peter Drucker

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