A BPM solution improves the effectiveness of Payment and Contracting Processes for a Government Agency


Procolombia is the Colombian Government agency responsible for the promotion of exports to different markets, the expansion of Colombian companies, the attraction of foreign investment, and the positioning of the country as a tourist destination.

The agency had processes for Payments, Contracting, Correspondence and Supervision Reports, but many of the activities were carried out manually, which implied very high response times, loss of traceability in the management of the process, and communication problems with other entities.


  • Decrease in contract and service order processing times by 70%.
  • Reduction of manual activities for the Contracting and Payments processes by 80%.
  • Decrease in the processing times of Payments by 60% from approximately 12 days to 3 days.
  • Design and implementation of a system with high development productivity.


-Microsoft .Net
-BPM Bonitasoft
-Tibco Spotfire
– Salesforce Platform
– Community cloud
– Visualforce
– Appex
– html5, boostrap, css3.


Heinsohn proposed a Business Process Management solution with the implementation of a BPM tool . After a survey of the current model (AS-IS) was carried out, Heinsohn defined an optimized model (To-be), to identify which of the tasks that were performed manually would be done automatically, improve the integrations with the information systems, and have greater control over the processes.

The contract began in 2015 and today ProColombia continues to select us as the supplier for the maintenance of the processes in GESTOR PRO+, which won the organizational innovation award in 2019 in ProColombia.

-Optimization of investment projects for application of the bank project.
-Development of portal for bank projects.
-Implementation of control dashboard.
-Salesforce Application Integration through web services for consolidation on-premise information and generation of reports and indicators.
-Implementation of the Site for external users for the registration and query of investment projects
-Migration from Classic View to Lighting experience for better User Experience and interface.
-Migration to Salesforce Communities.

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