More comprehensive reports integrating internal and external sources.
FUPAD CASE award-nominated project


The Pan American Development Foundation (PADF), is an organization that supports social development projects to strengthen communities around the world.

To manage their projects, PADF implemented a methodology for project planning and administration based on the PMI standard to help them with the execution and quality control of the multiple agreements that are signed between the organization and its partners.

In the process of designing and implementing this methodology, PADF realized that they needed a way to standardize the information, processes and reports, as well as a more effective and secure way to collect and consolidate the considerable volumes of information generated by the projects, that at that point was being collected by email, and stored in local computer files. They also needed a more agile and timely way to allow executives and project managers access to the information and reports.


  • Allows a greater control over projects and improves response times.
  • Allows users to access more accurate and truthful information.
  • Increased the integration of processes and the improvement of the performance control of the projects executed by PADF.
  • Reduced the time to complete procedures, minimizing the reprocesses that previously occurred.
  • Integrates all areas in one place, all the management of a project from start to finish, financial, operational, sponsorships.
  • Reduction in 2 weeks on reports generation.
  • Thanks to this project, Heinsohn was nominated for the Ingenio Awards, a prize given to innovative projects nationwide.


To address these challenges, Heinsohn developed SIGPROF, a strategic information system designed to support and optimize decision-making, by integrating data between internal and external systems already used by the organization.

The system is the result of Heinsohn efforts to solve PADF internal organizational processes as it is interconnected with other systems of information of the organization, using the accounting platform of the organization as a core.

The information system uses diverse profiles levels to control the access and security access of users.
It includes different reports that strengthen the strategic and managerial monitoring of projects to optimize decision-making within the organization for the benefit of projects.


Microsoft .Net

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