Integrating more than 900 entities to make a more secure and efficient Department of Transit and Transportation


The Colombian government needed a system to digitalize and integrate all information related to mobility, transportation, and transit in the country. The system had to integrate multiple actors and information from both the public and private sectors of the country.


•Serves an average of 60,000 transactions per minute
•Supports over 6,000 current users
•Integrates 900 government entities
•Supports 20 million procedures yearly
•Over 10,000 monthly worked hours


• Java
• Oracle SOA Suite 10g
• Oracle Middleware
• Oracle SOA Suite / BPM
• Oracle Security / IDM
• Oracle Webservices Mgr
• Oracle Coherence
• Oracle Database
• Biometrics, Digital signature, etc.


Thanks to its experience with both the public and private sectors of the country, and its expertise in Software development, Heinsohn was able to design, develop and deploy RUNT, the most ambitious IT platform for transportation ever developed in Colombia. RUNT (Registro Unico Nacional de Transito or Unified National Transit Registry) allows the government to control and manage all transactions related to the transportation sector in the country.
The system is a national centralized database that contains comprehensive information on vehicle registration, driver licenses, insurance policies, traffic accidents, fines, transportation companies, among others.

Heinsohn designed and implemented the software architecture for the solution and integrated 900 different entities using the highest security standards: biometrics, real-time auditing, high encryption standards, digital signature, 3 tier authentications, etc.

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